Thrive Fluid Management


Thrive Fluid Management is proud to be the pioneering force behind automated water transfer within the Canadian oil and gas industry.  After years of conventional water transfer, dewatering and frac supply Thrive knew that there must be a safer, more efficient way to move large volumes of water.  As such, focus was put on adapting existing pump technology from around the world to better suit the needs of the company.  Couple this innovation with a highly trained workforce, innovative design, and a diverse equipment fleet and it is no wonder that Thrive has established themselves as industry leaders.  Never before has the water transfer industry seen such an advanced system that provides the safety, efficiencies, and performance that Thrive Fluid Management is able to provide.  Often times at a significant cost savings over conventional pumping.

Automated Pump Fleet

Thrive Fluid Management owns and operates the largest, most advances fleet of pumps within the water transfer industry.  This fully automated fleet operated by professional crews allow for more water to be moved, at a higher rate, with less equipment and manpower than ever before.  With proper system design Thrive has the ability to allow the system to self regulate itself making incremental changes to ensure maximum efficiency, while ensuring line integrity and overall performance at all times.  This translates to a large reduction in manpower all while improving the safety and mitigating any potential for an environment incident or spill.  Thrive’s fleet is remotely operated allowing for monitoring, adjustments, and extensive data collection from anywhere in the world.

Dual Fuel Fleet

To increase customer savings and improve the fleets carbon footprint Thrive has outfitted many pumps and power generation units with EVO-SP gas conversion kits.  This NG+D ready equipment has the ability to reduce diesel consumption by as much as 70% all while greatly reducing diesel emissions.  For more information regarding EVO-SP please refer to Thrive Evolution Tech.

Automated System Design

Thrive Fluid Management is not only the leader in automated fluid transfer design but also the architect of it. No matter our customer’s requirements Thrive is committed to providing safe, cost-effective water transfer design no matter the conditions, required flow rate, or terrain.  Simply put Thrive does not over promise and under deliver on system designs.

If we say we can do it, we can, and we will.

More often than not doing so with drastically reduced manpower and equipment when comparing to a conventional pump design.

Special Projects

Thrive’s business model is based on providing unique solutions for complex water management problems.  If you have an “impossible” water transfer, or are worried about the feasibility of a difficult project Thrive’s team of experts can help.

Don’t be fooled by imitators.  Contact the experts.

Hose / Hose Deployment

Thrive owns and maintains a large volume of 10” Arctic Flex Hose.  This hose is tested regularly mitigating costly potential delays in the field all while ensuring safety for both employees and the public.  This hose is stored on a fleet of high volume, rapid deploy reels whose quality and design are unmatched by anything in the industry.  With the ability to store 2+km of 10” Artic Flex hose per reel small crews are able to rig in and out large volumes of hose faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Support Equipment

Thrive has all the equipment needed to get the job done right.  This fleet includes a variety of specialized machinery designed and modified specifically for Thrive.  Such specialized equipment allows for safe, efficient operations all while limiting environmental impact.  As such, Thrive also maintains and operates one of the largest fleets of low impact track machinery in the industry.  From Hydratreks to Merlo’s, Thrive owns and operates the gear required to be self-sufficient in even the most remote of areas.

Data reporting

Thrive offers compressive data reporting.  Fuel burn, flow rate, RPM even moments of cavitation can be captured and logged by the system.  This level of transparency allows our customers to get the true cost of their water and identify areas in which improvements can be made.  This level of transparency is of the utmost importance to Thrive as it helps to develop long-term trusting business relationships with our customer base.