Thrive Evolution Tech

Thrive Management Group is extremely proud and excited to have partnered with global bi-fuel experts GFS Corp and hose manufacturer Matex Hose.  These strategic partnerships begin an exciting new chapter for Thrive, and has ultimately lead to the development of Thrive Evolution Tech – A business dedicated to the sale, service and support of industry leading technologies specific to the Thrive group of companies.  Such strategic partnerships provide Thrive with the ability to pass along additional cost savings through innovation all while improving safety and reliability.

EVO-SP Bi-Fuel Technology

The EVO-SP system for stationary applications has changed the industry with its entirely new approach to bi-fuel controls by pro actively adjusting the gas supply instead of reacting to engine load. Now high gas substation rates are possible for dynamic load applications like those found in oil drilling and fracking, compressor applications and other demanding mechanical applications such as high volume water pumping.

Building on a powerful platform designed for the most demanding off-road applications GFS Corp applied lessons learned in converting dynamic, variable speed off-road engines to natural gas + diesel (NG+D®) operation in some of the world’s harshest, most demanding environments. The EVO-SP  is proven and ready to meet the demands of the most challenging applications.

Smart and Powerful Controls with Advanced Engine Monitoring

Dynamic stationary applications require powerful and smart controls. The EVO-SP system has been optimized for precise and responsive control of natural gas fueling using a proprietary electronic control unit (ECU) coupled with a fast-acting, integrated mixer-throttle body.  EVO-SP provides high resolution, dynamic mapping of natural gas and diesel mixtures across the engine load range using a 50 hertz / 50X per second control loop. This rapid control loop allows the EVO-SP system to safely and efficiently replace up to 70% of the engine’s diesel fuel requirement with natural gas without compromising engine response or power output. In the event of a fault or loss of natural gas supply, the EVO-SP® System seamlessly reverts the engine to 100% diesel operation without loss of power.

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Thrive Evolution Tech’s factory certified technicians are ready to take on all installations.  Thrive’s EVO specific service truck is fully equipped with the latest tools and technologies for make even the most difficult installations a possibility.

Dual Fuel Fleet

Thrive Fluid Management owns and operates several EVO-SP units within its pump and power generation fleet.  This technology increases customer savings and drastically improves the equipment’s carbon footprint.  In the right application this EVO-SP ready equipment has been proven to reduce diesel consumption by as much as 70%.


  • Electric and Hydraulic Drilling Rigs
  • Mobile Fracturing Pumps
  • High Volume Water Pumps
  • Irrigation
  • Emergency Stand-By Power
  • Prime Power
  • Peak Shaving
  • Load Sharing
  • Co-Generation

Arctic Flex Hose

Arctic Flex Hose was developed by Matex Hose in collaboration with Thrive Evolution Tech. Arctic Flex is produced using only the finest materials specifically designed to withstand the harsh Canadian elements in which the hose operates.  This includes the ability to withstand extreme temperature variations (warm water through cold hose), improved ability to withstand abrasion and far superior wear resistance over other hose on the market.  With a TRUE 3:1 burst rating and bright color scheme Arctic Flex Hose is not only robust and safe, but also easily identifiable.

Quality Control

Thrive Fluid Management/Evolution Tech regularly tests it’s Arctic Flex fleet hose to ensure that it remains within its working parameters of 3-1 burst.  In the event that a well used hose does not meet the required 3-1 standard the hose will be de-rated to a lower working pressure to ensure the safety of both employees and the public.  Such quality control also ensures hose integrity while pumping in remote areas.

Quality Hose Matters

Why does some hose last for years while other hoses disintegrate within a few months?  This can be attributed to a few factors.   First and most importantly low-quality raw materials are often used.   Whether it be the internal yarn or the outer liner, poor quality materials break down faster with use, and are especially vulnerable in the extreme conditions seen in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The reason you can’t assume all water transfer hose is equivalent is that there are currently no standards for large diameter hose (above 6″ diameter), so several manufacturers of large diameter hose make the hose in the cheapest way possible often times inflating claims about things like working pressures, 3:1 burst ratings and chemical resistance.  The vast majority of these manufacturers only produce hose above 6” in diameter due to the fact that they have to adhere to standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) which governs hose standards 6” and below.

Thrive Evolution Tech is proud to be part of a growing group working to develop safety standards for large diameter lay flat hose.  For this reason, Thrive does not, and will not support or utilize manufacture’s product that does not meet the standard in which we demand.  It is in Thrive’s opinion that poor, unregulated hose represents a safety threat to both our employees and to the public.  For more information specific to the NFPA please visit their website.

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